Friday, August 24, 2007


Neuer Bericht

That means "New Review." At least, I think it does. I don't understand German. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying it.

Marcel Buelles has reviewed Set the Seas on Fire for the good folks at Phantastik-Couch, which as near as I can tell means, um, Fantastic Couch. The review is in German, so I'm relying on the agency of Google's translation function to tell me what it's all about.

Um, they liked it, I think?
Roberson succeeds a pleasant blending to that of category and with a nice triangle relationship in the luggage develops it sufficient tension, in order to advance the reading speed properly. Which was saved in the summary from space reasons, the prehistory Bonaventures, which covers its youth, is in which he from a mysteriösen master to an excellent sword fighter is trained. It provides the background history for the narration, on whose basis the Protagonist behaves and develops and which not least a further mysterious level adds, which positively strikes to beech.

Sent Roberson connects Bonaventures adventures in the south Pacific, its hopes as a young man and his experiences also by time jumps as a stood soldier of its majesty. At the end of the book Roberson keeps even still another small, but fine surprise ready, which does not fit the continuous tenor so at all historically/fantastisch, so that one should quite gönnen oneself the book. Robersons reader is Bonaventure naturally a term, because already in its novel „“one could meet Paragaea him. The American Fantasy and Science Fiction author, who contributed among other things also a novel to the X-Men, did not have to reach into this case also at all deeply into the trick box: it extended already a 2001 published manuscript, in order to give to Bonaventure a further chance. Readably!
I know it's childish, but I am endlessly amused by clunky software translation.



our reviewer Marcel gave your book 76 out of 100 possible points which translates into a "very good".

For our newsletter subscribers we also have a give-away of two STSOF copies - very kind of George from Solaris.

Now, this reminds me to send George and you a translated summary of the review.

Cheers from Cologne, Frank
Thanks, Frank! And yes, please, I'd love to know what the review really says!
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