Monday, August 27, 2007


Give me a clap!

The other day, I mentioned that Georgia had picked out a birthday cake for me. Well, Saturday we picked it up, and brought it home so we could begin gorging. Originally some more family was going to come into town, but with one thing and another it ended up being just the three of us and my folks. So there was more than enough birthday cake to go around.

Georgia, of course, got to keep all of the little stuffed toys that rode in the gondola on top, Winnie the Pooh and all his pals. Which, to be honest, is the reason she picked it out in the first place. Georgia was in charge all weekend, though, and wasn't about to leave anything to chance, and even blew out the candles herself when the time came, to make sure the job was done right.

Here's her, immediately after. As soon as the last candle was out, she looked up at the rest of us, and imperiously said, "Give me a clap!" as though surprised we weren't already showering her with applause. Only after we were all clapping vigorously did she look back and survey her handiwork, satisfied with the result. (And eyeing the rainbow of icing on the far side of the cake, which she'd already claimed as her own.)

OMG! Does Allison have dark hair now? But more importantly (I think the dark color is cute on her, if she asks), how does it feel to finally be 30?

That is the most awesome cake ever. Georgia has good taste.
Klima, I quite honestly have clothes that have turned thirty. None of them actually *fit* me anymore, but I've got them. I'm finding 37 pretty pleasant so far, but since it's only been two days filled with birthday cake and wine, I'm not sure it's a good basis for comparison.

And yeah, Allison's gone dark. It's been a few months now, which suggests it might stick for a while. She was blonde for a bunch of years, and seems to have grown tired of it.
Thanks, D. And you'll be happy to know that the cake tasted just as good as it looked. (And Georgia got her just desserts, if you'll forgive the pun, and got to eat the entire rainbow iced onto the other side of the cake herself. This marked the first time that we'd got her to actually eat the cake, and not just scrape off the icing, so we considered it a banner day.)
Oh, and I should point out that she still plays with the Winnie the Pooh that you sent her when she was born. It's now the centerpiece of a large collection of Hundred Aker Wood friends, all of different scales, sizes, and materials. The birthday cake was a huge win, since it included a Piglet in the mix, which was one of the principle "Pooh's friends" (as Georgia calls them) that was missing.
37? Man, I never knew you were OLDER than me!

(I'll be 37 next Spring)
Ah, you're a bare stripling!
Happy B Day Dude!
Thanks! And you know, you may be the only person looking forward to the new Captain Carrot series more than me.
37 was easy. It was 38 when you began to feel it...
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