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ArmadillCon is lingering a bit for me this year, I suppose, since I'll be having lunch with Sharyn November later today, but either way I can say with confidence that the con was, as always, a terrific time. Renee Babcock did a hell of a job running the show, AT Campbell's map of the dealer's room was a revelation, and Kimm Antell did a splendid job with the programming, which took on an even lighter tone and more tongue-in-cheek attitude than normal. When I first started attending ArmadilloCon regularly a few years back, there wasn't much of a bar culture at the show, with the only lushes hanging out in the hotel bar being one or two pros who weren't regulars at the show. I can't take all the credit (or blame), but in the five or so years since, that's changed, and now there's always a healthy crowd of folks malingering in the hotel bar from the moment the doors open until last call. The writers workshop on Friday went without a hitch on Friday, for which Patrice Sarath should be commended (and for which Jayme Blaschke gets no credit at all), and I won't be surprised to see some of the novels and stories workshopped in my group ending up on shelves in the not-too-distant future.

It was great seeing all of the local writing folks, some of whom hadn't been to the con before, and it was nice seeing a few new attending pros from outside the area, as well. Really one of the best and best run ArmadilloCons in years, from what I saw. Looking forward to next year!

I thought the con was pretty good also. This was only my third time, but might have been the best. I do need to try and do more of the social thing (so far, I basically just attend panels).I attended a couple of panels you were on, and enjoyed them a lot (loved the Comic film panel). I also thought the Small Press panel was very interesting (and your daughter is very cute!).

While there, I also picked up your Voyage of Night Shining White in the dealers room, and greatly enjoyed it.
From my POV, the quality of the workshopped manuscripts was way up this year. I heard positive things from just about all of the groups.

Hope your lunch with Sharyn goes well. She's quite an interesting person.
hey, thanks for a lovely afternoon. talk to you soon.
Thanks, Howard. Glad you weren't bored stiff by my bloviating at the panels! (And glad to hear Night Shining White was to your liking, as well.)

But yeah, my kid is pretty darned cute, isn't she?
The manuscripts I saw were in the main quite good, Jayme. Maybe it's a rising tide of quality!
Great seeing you as well, Sharyn, and glad to see you made it home safely.

Well, so far the Armadillo panels have been the most interesting of the cons I've been to (not that I've been to a lot)'s best when the panelists are actually enjoying themselves (and the talk is interesting).

Maybe next time I'll actually introduce myself and say hi. I've now read three of your books, and have enjoyed each of them. I need to do more of the social thing at these conventions...
Social is good! That's the main reason I go to conventions, after all.
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