Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The Year's Progress

Georgia was home sick again today (the doctor thinks virus, and that it'll pass by tomorrow), but Allison stayed home from work so I was able to finish up. Between an hour or so last night and a full day today, I managed to get the last chapters done, wrap up the author's note, and do a last bit of polish.

Zokutou word meter
94,151 / 90,000

So The Dragon's Nine Sons is done, two days before deadline and only four thousand words over goal.

But it's the "Year's Progress" and not the "Day's Progress" because I just realized the other day that between this time last year (when I was at San Diego Comic Con) and today, I've done a fair amount of work. I've written three novels start to finish, and completed two others that were partially completed already. I've only written one short story in that span that I can remember, though, since most of the other shorts I've done recently were written by the first half of last year.

Taken all together, the novels and the short story, that means that I've written 424,029 new words in the last twelve months. And if I go back eighteen months to the beginning of 2006 (in which I wrote 169,800 new words all together), that number jumps to 510,058.

Half a million words written in eighteen months. And all but about 80K worth of it seeing print between now and the end of next year.

You know, this whole writing full time thing isn't half bad...

Inspirational to the rest of us -- you should be proud!
Well, it beats working for a living...
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