Sunday, July 29, 2007


House of Mystery

Hey, check this out. Matt Sturges, my old college classmate, frequent roommate, and erstwhile stablemate in the Clockwork Storybook days, has his very own series forthcoming from Vertigo, House of Mystery.
MS: You're right - it has that dual legacy of being a suspense/horror anthology and also features prominently in the Sandman mythos. Since it was going to be a Vertigo book, we wanted to have a taste of that Vertigo incarnation, but we wanted to bring it back and embrace what the initial book was about. So what we have is a "pseudo-anthology" in which we have stories that could be anything from little crime stories to horror, to science fiction - there are no rules what stories can be told, set into a much larger framing story that carries on form issue to issue, which is the overarching story of the book.

That larger story is about the people who live in the House of Mystery which has disappeared from Cain's realm. He comes out one morning to find that the house - his house has just vanished. Cut forward seven years, and we find that there are other people living there, and they've turned it into a bar and grill. Because they live in a magical house and have no need for money, you get your food and drink in exchange for telling a story. So, people come in, they tell their story - and that's the story. It will be drawn by somebody other than our primary artist and then we come back to the main story after the traveler's story is done.
As the one who turned Matt onto comics back in college when I would forcefeed him issues of Sandman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, I take complete credit for this...

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