Thursday, June 21, 2007


The Dollar Dreadful Family Library

Over on the Beat, Heidi MacDonald points at a new project I just might have to pick up.

T.D.R and Wilhelm Staehle of SteelRiver Studio are proud to present the Dollar Dreadful Family Library which debuts at the jolly old MoCCA Art Fest, June 23 & 24!

DDFL is a collection of exciting, thrilling, and ghastly short stories with exquisite vintage illustrations that hearken back to the Penny Dreadfuls or Dime novels of the early 1900s.

Indeed, there is something here for everyone – and at an affordable price which the whole family can agree upon!

Why not try Archibald Grey: Investigator of the Macabre and Possessor of the Skeleton Key? Read his adventures in The Golem’s Labyrinth and gasp at the supernatural terrors he encounters!

For those of a more sensitive nature, try The Domestic Adventures of Octavious Watt and his Pneumatic Bride as they attend the grand Worlds Fair and gain the interest of a strange duo who just may be up to no good!

If mysteries are more your speed, you might enjoy The Dressmakers Detective Journal as four plucky women gather each week to solve shocking puzzles!

Collect all three and share them with your friends or display them proudly in your washroom where visitors can enjoy a quick read as they attend to their business! You won’t be disappointed – for where else can you discover enormous family fun for such a small price?
Check out the Dollar Dreadful site for previews and more info.

What great stuff! I can wait.
er... I meant to say that "I can't wait".
I knew what you meant. And yeah, looks pretty promising, doesn't it?
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