Thursday, May 03, 2007


X-Men: The Return online preview

It appears that the first half of my X-Men novel, The Return, is online at Google's BookSearch. See what you turn up in egosearching?

You can even search the text, and see how many times I used insensate, a word which my editor pointed out I tend to overuse (or rather, how many instances of the word's use were left after she went through and took the rest of them out). I find that a word gets stuck in my head when working on a project, and I use it a lot, and then it drops back below the radar and only shows up with normal frequency again. I used to use "Edenic" quite a lot, as I recall. What is it these days? No clue. Unfortunately, that's really the sort of thing I can only recognize in hindsight (which is where editors come in handy).

Updated: Well, now that I go back and look at it, the preview might not be the first half after all, but a random sampling of pages. Oh, well. You can still search them, right?

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