Monday, May 07, 2007


Return to Living Island?

(via) A new animated HR Pufnstuf? Really?! With a new version of the theme song? Holy cats!!

I have a deep and abiding love for the wacked out original. Deep, people. And the chance for an apparently charming animated version Georgia and I can watch together? Aces.

(I haven't tried her on the original Sid & Marty Kroft version in a while, and maybe should give it another shot. The first time, though, it moved too slowly to keep her attention.)

my kids found it too slow as well - that's why i wanted to do this fast paced version so we could all enjoy it together. ah, who am i kidding, i loved the original so much i couldn't help but try to recreate it myself ;)
I don't blame you. And based on what I've seen on your blog so far, I can't wait to see the finished product!
i found any krofft product a little weird and disturbing. i remember watching this show with some neighbor kids and thinking, "what the hell?" ::shudders::
But Sharyn, the shudder just means that the show is *working*! It's really genius stuff. I loved it as a kid, and liked it even more as an adult when watching it drunk and/or stoned. Your mileage may vary, of course (Allison, for what it's worth, has *no* patience for the show).

My personal favorite Krofft show was probably the Buggaloos, discounting Land of the Lost (which was really a different kind of show altogether), but HR Pufnstuf was a close contender.
Land of the Lost was probably the earliest SFNal influence on me, and the first counter-agent to the diet of Creationism I was fed 6 days a week. Though Pufnstuf was my favorite. That being said, I miss Mayor McCheese and a proper Grimace with six arms.
Well, obviously Paragaea is clear evidence that Land of the Lost was a huge influence on me. I just seem to have a different space in my head for it than for the more wacky, dayglo kids stuff that Krofft did earlier in the decade. I think I divide it up into the "kid(s) (at home/in magic land/etc) with people in big costumes" (Pufnstuf, Lidsville, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Bugaloos, et al) from the later adventure stuff (Land of the Lost, Dr Shrinker, Electra Woman, Bigfoot and Wildboy). Then there's that middle ground of The Lost Saucer and Far Out Space Nuts which kind of bridges the gap, I guess.

I love that trivia about the "look and feel" suit with the McDonald's people though. It was years later that I learned about it, but in retrospect it was glaringly obvious.
i liked the bugaloos but the rest of it left me cold. witchie-poo? some insane weirdo played by charles nelson reilly? GAH NO
Well, the fact that you dug the Bugaloos means there's hope for you yet, Sharyn!
i think i have enough hope for the moment, thanks. :)
I too have a DEEP abiding love for the adventures of our favorite Dragon Mayor.

Can you please contact me and spill the beans about what you know on this issue? I am SUPER interested!

I am a writer, puppeteer, and special effects prop builder (see with a big foot planted firmlyin the kid-vid of my youth. Pufnstuf was the "fashizzle" when I was a kid. Followed closely by Land of The Lost...

Sorry, Gordon, but I'm afraid I don't know any more about it than I posted before. You might check out Todd Kauffman's Pufnstuf blog ( for more information.
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