Wednesday, May 09, 2007


O Mighty Isis

Dianora2 will dig this, if she hasn't seen it already.

The newsblog TVShowsonDVD has just posted the box art for the forthcoming DVD release of The Secrets of Isis, due out July 24th.

I don't know, guys. I loved this and Shazam! when I was a kid, but I've tried to go back and watch them as an adult, and... Well, let's just say there are some things probably best left in misty memory and not revisited. The rule of thumb, at least for me, seems to be that Sid & Marty Krofft stuff holds up surpringly well, but the Lou Scheimer & Norm Prescott stuff (Ark II, Shazam, Isis, Flash Gordon, Space Sentinels, Blackstar, et cetera, et al) on the other hand...? Great concepts. The execution? Well, maybe not so much...

Woo hoo! I had heard about this but hadn't seen the box art. I'm really of two minds, though. The tapes I bought on eBay years ago? I think I watched maybe 5 minutes. And it was bad. You know what else is really bad and does not hold up? Electra-Woman. That was kind of devastating, let me tell you. (Have you ever seen the pics of when I went as Isis for Halloween a few years back?)

I don't think I've made it all the way through any episode of a Scheimer/Prescott series in the last twenty years. The farthest I've gotten into an episode of Isis is maybe eight or nine minutes. I haven't tried Elektra-Woman in years, though. Maybe I'll steer clear.

But no! I don't think I've seen any shots of you as Isis. Give, already!
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