Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The Line of Dichotomy

Have I mentioned this here? I don't think I have. Here's my new masters at Solaris on the subject:
Check us out at the BL Publishing stand at Book Expo America. As well as all the newsabout upcoming Solaris titles, and plenty of gossip from behind the scenes, we're hosting signing sessions with the likes of Gail Martin and Chris Roberson.

Oh, and while we're talking of the latter, we're giving away an exclusive Chris Roberson short story, The Line of Dichotomy. It might be from the same Celestial Empire setting as the upcoming-in-2008 The Dragon's Nine Sons, but right now the show is the only place you can snag it. So, erm, hurry, yeah?
I'll spoil the surprise. It is indeed part of the Celestial Empire sequence. And is, in fact, a sort-of-prologue to The Dragon's Nine Sons, set shortly before the new novel and detailing what one of the two main protagonists was doing just before the curtain raises. The story will be in an anthology sometime next year, I believe, but in the meantime getting a copy at BEA will be the only way to get hold of one.

I'll most likely be reading from the chapbook at the event this Saturday, if anyone in the NYC area is interesting in coming and hearing me mangle a bunch of Chinese names.
Solaris Books invite you to join us at Perdition on Saturday June 2nd between 6pm – 8.30pm for an evening with popular SF/Fantasy authors Chris Roberson and Gail Z. Martin. Chris will be reading from his exclusive new chapbook Line of Dichotomy (a story from his Celestial Empire sequence and a prologue to his upcoming novel The Dragon’s Nine Sons). Gail will be reading an extract from The Blood King, the follow-up to her bestselling fantasy epic, The Summoner. Chris, Gail and Solaris Consultant Editor George Mann will be available afterwards to answer questions and discuss upcoming projects. Entrance is free and Solaris will be providing appetizers and a cash bar.

Perdition can be found at: 692 10th Avenue (between 48th and 49th Street). Telephone: (212) 852 5600. www.perditionnyc.com.
And for anyone who'll be attending BEA itself, I can probably be found loitering around the Solaris booth on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday.

Buh... nuh... But... you mean, we Aussies and the like have to wait for "some anthology" next year and can't get get to read that lovely looking chapbook, just coz we're not in BEA or in NYC, or some other three-letter-acronym?

Sad now :(
Well, I'll be a little less coy, for the sake of those in the antipodes. The anthology in question is The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction: Volume 2, due out in early 2008, I believe. So it's not that long to wait. And with any luck I'll be bringing home a handful of the chapbooks myself and selling them through the blog, if anyone's of a mind to buy one. So there's still hope!
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