Friday, May 04, 2007


Equal Bat-pay for Equal Bat-work

(via) Some familiar faces turn up in this early seventies Labor Department ad (though one face not as familiar as it might seem).

Here's what commenter Jeff Kapalka said in the comments to the original post over on Beer & Meat, to help give a bit of context:

In case anyone's interested (and even if they aren't) that's Dick Gautier behind the Bat-cowl in the PSA. At the time of filming, Adam West was reluctant to return to his signature role.
Gautier, of course, is best remembered as Hymie the Robot in the original Get Smart TV show, and as Robin Hood in When Things Were Rotten.
I guess this was before West was asked by a boat show if they could fire him out of a cannon...

Holy PSA, Bat-Person!
Of course, after posting this, I realized I should have titled it "Same Bat-work, Same Bat-pay." Oh well, there's always next time.
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