Thursday, May 31, 2007


A Demon on Wheels

A few years ago at WFC I held forth about how recent advances in CGI made a live action Speed Racer film, for the first time, an attainable goal. Obviously Hollywood was eavesdropping on my conversation, as they always do, and now the thing is being made. You're all very welcome.

And here is our first look at the Mach 5 used for the live action shots (though the racing will be all CGI, it seems... just like I predicted three years ago, naturally).

I've been driving the same Ford Escort since April of 1997, but I would happily trade that P.O.S. in for one of these babies, thank you very much. Provided, of course, that the buttons on the steering wheel were all completely functional (including the one that launches the robot hawk).

OMG, that is freakin' beautiful.
And plenty of trunk space for kids, monkeys, and candy...
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