Monday, May 21, 2007


Asimov's Science Fiction, July 2007

The Asimov's website has posted the cover and TOC of their July 2007 issue, presumably on newstands soon if it isn't already. And look who gets to be "...and puppet show" on the cover.

"The Sky is Large and the Earth is Small" is the pulse-pounding story of one guy talking to another guy, while another guy listens in from time to time. Oh, there's a telescope in it, too. Expect to hear the announcement of the Big Budget Hollywood Adaptation any day now.

I'm looking forward to reading it but I still am not through the April/May F&SF issues as well, so it'll be a while.
I know the feeling! I've got a whole cabinet filled with issues of both magazines that are on my To Read list.
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