Thursday, May 17, 2007


An Alternate History of Chinese Science Fiction

Jess Nevins's An Alternate History of Chinese Science Fiction over on No Fear of the Future must be read to be believed.

I'm glad to see Teng Shuang Bai’s “Lest Darkness Fall” on the list. However, I think that his "Wheels of If" deserves mention too. Perhaps too Taoist in philosophy for some, it presented the Many Worlds Theory of Infinite Parallel Universes long before the physicists did. I wonder if the fact that the story is too humorous is the reason that Jess passed over it. I love it: tough Shanghai public prosecutor Park Ah Tah finds himself residing in the body of a Sino-Christian prince-bishop in "Sao Bento". It is a world where The 16th Century (European reckoning) Europeans of Lusitania carved out a Christian kingdom in China and Chosen. Of course the worlds his minds revolves to on the way are at least as interesting! The wartime menace of the allied Kingdom of the South, Japan and the Mongolians are just one of the crises he must solve.
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