Thursday, April 12, 2007


Zeppelins South

I can't help but feel that this expedition runs the serious risk of encountering some serious nameless horrors down there on the Antarctic ice.
"In 2008, scientists will, for the very first time, create a continual profile of ice thickness in the Artic, extending from the Canadian coast across the North Pole to Siberia. At the core of the project lies the crossing of the North Pole by zeppelin. The airship will be equipped with an electromagnetic sensor developed at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, one of the 15 research centres within the Helmholtz Association. The sensational project of French physician Jean-Louis Etienne is financed by the French oil company Total and will be presented in Berlin on April 5."
Just a feeling, is all...

Those guys are SO DOOMED!
F*king albatross!

The ice, the ICE!

Oy vey.
Yep. Doomed. Poor bastards...
This sounds like that Disney movie ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD. Except with fewer Vikings.
Unless they spot the Symmes Hole entrance to the inner world, Pellucidar!
Clearly, the addition of a horde of Vikings or a single Symmes hole to the equation would make things considerably more interesting...
Already been tried. By Italians. 80 years ago or so. Didn't end well.
Let me guess, Jayme. Was it... Vikings?
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