Monday, April 16, 2007


Mark Tatulli's Lio - "Fun Time Funnies"

I've bumped into Mark Tatulli's Lio comic strip a time or two over the last few weeks, but yesterday's strip was the one to finally sell me on it. Might well be the best comic strip currently in syndication. There's even an RSS feed.

Every time I read the strip in my local paper, I'm stunned that it's syndicated. It's quite disturbing. And fun. And I love it.

I know, it's pretty amazing to find it in amongst all that dreck, isn't it?
Lio is marvelous, in that twisted Charles Addams & Gahan Wilson manner. We don't get the Sunday in Seattle, which seems a shame.
Some of my favorite strips so far (like the one above) have been the Sunday ones. Of course, I just read them all online, since I don't get a print newspaper anymore, so I'm spoiled for choice!
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