Friday, April 27, 2007


Christopher Bird Should Write The Legion

I've been following his posts the last few weeks, and really enjoying them, but the last handful of reasons why Christopher Bird should write the Legion of Super-Heroes have completely sold me. The blogger behind Tetsubo Productions (responsible for the terrific remixes of Marvel's Civil War and others) is campaigning to get the gig scripting DC Comics long-running (and long-troubled) future science fiction comic, Legion of Super-Heroes. Consider this a vote in favor.

This was the post, by the way, that finally made me say, "Hell, I want to read that comic, right goddamned now!"

"the Last Will and Testament of Space Cabbie"


This is like the Legion as Babylon 5. Which would be cool, "there are old Evil Things out there and we have to find them."
Go sign the petition, Stu. You know you want to!
You're right >sound of footsteps... going and returning<

OK -- I've done it!
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