Thursday, March 15, 2007


Senator Biden's Plan

On the floor of the Senate yesterday, Senator Joseph Biden spelled out what he feels is wrong with the president's strategies in Iraq, and what he plans to do to fix it. Short answer: "Federalism"

Fantastic stuff! At least Biden has finally worken up from his six year sleep and is finally got the right handle on Iraq. I watched this clip as posted on (terrific progressive site) and was in awe. Great stage presence and energy, moral stance and purpose. This guy ought to run for president -- oops, he is... maybe that's why he finally has got his mojo working even if he doesn't know "what a mojo is." (thank you, Robert Klein and his "Child of the Fifties" comedy LP)
Aha! That's interesting. Biden's people really need to do something to get some more attention, since Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton seem to have sucked all the oxygen, money and media attention (they love "front runner" horse race narratives) from any of the other valid Dem candidates. Heck, at least Chris Dodd got on the Daily Show (where he was pretty good and real) and blog about the experience on his campaign website. I'd like to see Biden, Richardson, and poor Kucinich get the attention that they deserve. On the Republicanista side, McCain is obviously flip-flopping as fast as he can to suck up to the religious right, Guliani I remember from NYC as a right authoritarian scumbag, and Brownback is a true far right shithead while who knows what Romney really thinks (he's shifted his positions over and over to suit the electorate).
I'd love to see the GOP field an honest-to-god *conservative*, an actual small government, Constitution-hugging, fiscal conservative, instead of these strange power-hungry wackos we've had for the last few go-rounds. Then at least we might have an honest debate on the issues. The fact that Guiliani is the front runner in the pack, I find very amusing. And McCain? Screw that asshole. Hell, Lieberman should run as a Republican; they're really the only ones who have any patience for him...

Biden's done the Daily Show before, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't do it again.
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