Friday, March 16, 2007



Amid over at Cartoon Brew points to a new trailer for Pixar's forthcoming Ratatouille, which has footage not seen before now (and Chinese subtitles, to boot). For the first time, I get what the film is about.

It's Cyrano de Bergerac, but with cuisine being the object of affection, instead of Roxanne. The talented but ugly (and not exactly hygienic) rat must team with the more acceptable but talentless chef, their strengths complementing one another's shortcomings. Brilliant.

I looked at this trailer over at animation world network and it sure looks great. John Lasseter and Pixar rocks! Now that's character animation!
To my way of thinking, their "worst" movies to date are still some of my favorite flicks of all time, so they're obviously doing something right. This one's helmed by Brad Bird, unless I'm mistaken, who delivered what I think is the best Pixar film to date, The Incredibles, as well as the underrated Iron Giant, so it's certainly got a healthy pedigree.
Two great animated features and among my faves of recent years. Brad Bird just gets it.

I'm curious about "Meet the Robinsons" after seeing the trailer. Supposedly, after the merger, there was a lot thrown out and redone. Looks good, though.
I had no interest in Meet the Robinsons at all until I discovered it was based on a William Joyce book, and that Lasseter had taken a strong hand in revising the film heavily before the release. Could well be worth checking out.
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