Saturday, March 10, 2007


The Pursuit of the Lily Stargazer

Well see, now I'm torn. A few weeks ago, I called my shot, and said that the next project I'd start after finishing The Dragon's Nine Sons would be Firewalk, an urban fantasy of sorts. Then today, while watching Georgia play with the trains at the Barnes & Noble this afternoon, a number of half-ideas slotted together in my head to make one idea, and suddenly Firewalk has competition. This one would be a YA, while Firewalk would be for an adult audience (but not, you know, adult...), so that might be a mitigating factor. I'm not sure. I won't reveal too much about it now, but in the interests of shot-calling, I will share the title.

The Pursuit of the Lily Stargazer
The Great Crosstime Airship Race

being an account of journeys
through space and time
by James Bellerophon Taylor, Esq.

How's that? Too short?

That's my kind of title. Seriously.
ooh, this sounds cool. keep me posted.
Thanks, Jayme and Justin. Obviously, it's my kind of thing, too!
Will do, Sharyn!
Oh man, it's steampunkarrific!
I was going for steampunktastic, but I'll take steampunkarrific.
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