Thursday, March 01, 2007


Don't Piss Off Marshall Brickman

Michael Berry points out this terrific letter to the editor by Marshall Brickman, who co-wrote "Annie Hall" and "Manhattan" with Woody Allen, and wrote and directed "Simon" (a personal favorite), responds to an interview with the gentlemen who has directed a play cowritten by Brickman, who may just have taken a little more credit than was his due...
We can finally put to rest any lingering doubts about who is responsible for the success of our little offering, "Jersey Boys," currently at the Curran Theatre. It is, of course, the director. Le spectacle, c'est lui. I see him now, goose quill in hand, fingers raw, eyes bloodshot from his tireless restructuring of our 72-page "idea."

Would that I had known him years ago so he could have restructured the screenplays for "Sleeper" and "Annie Hall" and "Manhattan" and "Simon" and "Lovesick" and "The Manhattan Project" -- they might have won awards and gained some critical acclaim. Or instructed William Shawn in the proper restructuring of my New Yorker pieces.

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