Monday, March 12, 2007


Ark II

Okay, look at this, a writeup about the 1930s Anartarctic Snow Cruiser.

Here's a cutaway...

Now, tell me that isn't this...

I have inordinately fond memories of this show, but I tried watching an episode a few years ago on a grainy VHS tape, and was profoundly disappointed. I've just discovered that it's out on DVD, though, so maybe I'll lower my expectations, have a couple of drinks, and get it from Netflix. I mean, come on! It's about a team of young scientists and their superintelligent chimpanzee, who roam around a post-apocalyptic wasteland, dropping science on everyone they meet. And a rocket belt! What's not to love?

You must write a review if you watch it on DVD. I never watched the show, but the commercials and intro all created wonderful possibilities for it. I'm sure it doesn't live up to any of them.

And how do they handle a superintelligent chimpanzee? Is it all, "what's that chimp, Ruth fell down a well?" or is it more like the dolphins on Seaquest.
I have vague memories of Adam the chimp having some sort of voice synthesizer that he used, but I may be misremembering. I don't think he could talk, per se, but could communicate using a machine.

And I've just added the DVDs to my Netflix queue, so I imagine you'll be getting those reviews, sooner or later!
I remember watching this at a friend's house, and some Bible salesman stopped by. While he was talking to my friend's parents, he saw on the screen the shabbily dressed people and the arid clime and said "Oh, is this a Bible story show?" And we said "No, it's Ark II." He didn't make any sales.
Well, there is an ark or two in the bible, after all...
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