Friday, February 16, 2007


The Real McCain

Okay, I'll admit it. John McCain had me completely snowed in 2000, and continued to keep me duped for years following. Some have accused him of lurching to the right recently, but I think he's just been incredibly skilled at pandering to a progressive audience in certain situations (cf. The Daily Show) while continuing to appeal to a right-wing-religious base. Just check out the dizzying array of mutual contradictory positions he's taken over the years.

Now, he's gone beyond the pale. He's delivering a keynote address at the Discovery Institute, the think-tank spearheading the Creationist drive back to the middle ages.

All McCain cares about is being President. And he'll do anything -- ANYTHING -- to accomplish that goal. I have no respect for that man. But then, I'm a leftist, so I never liked him in the first place. ;)
Well, I think where McCain really gained ground in 2000 was in appealing to the left, or at least to centrists and progressives who normally fell outside of the GOP's balliwick. (I consider myself a centrist progressive, if there's such a thing. I get squeamish at the thought of identifying with either party.) Of course, if the record is any indication, he was flat-out *lying* to them in those appeals, but that was the idea, at least.
Check out, a site maintained by Cliff Schecter, for more video of the Man who would Sell Himself Out.
Thanks, Stu. I'll check it out.
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