Saturday, February 10, 2007


One Man's Trash...

I'd love to hear Chris Nakashima-Brown, Jess Nevins, Greg Hatcher, and the Groovy Age of Horror's Curt debate which is the best flavor and era of pulp fiction. I don't know that I'd entirely agree with any of them (or rather, I'd agree with all of them, in part), but you've got to know that the argument would be worth hearing.

I mention pretty regularly things I love about the period I cover, but whether they make it "better" than any other, I think that just comes down to taste.
Aw, Curt, that's no fun! We'd need to have a "lively debate" (read: shouting match) such as they get on talking heads shows when pundits go after one another. All in good fun, of course!

(I'm a poor test case, myself, since I dig *all* of the various periods in question...)
As a matter of fact, I'm preparing a post right now that will, I hope, prove somewhat contentious. Stay tuned . . . ! ;-)
I'm afraid I'm no fun either -- shucks, if you follow the Friday column at all you know I'm shameless in my adoration of all kinds of junk from the last century.

To tell you the truth I'm just kind of flattered to be included on the list. Those other guys have some serious geek GAME; I'm a regular reader of their stuff.
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