Sunday, February 11, 2007


Offered (more or less) without comment

One of the feeds included in my bloglines subscription list is Netflix's list of new releases. Speaking as someone who only went to the cinema three times in the last calendar year, that's pretty much the only way I'm able to keep anything like current. In amongst the new release blag, though, there are always some hidden gems. Which brings me to these two selections.

Note, that I'm not making any comment about the respective quality of these two films, which I've not seen, nor of the intentions of the filmmakers. It may well be that the Netflix descriptions don't do these justice, and they're much better than these brief paragraphs would suggest. You've got to admit, though, that based on the descriptions alone, these two flicks clearly belong in that hazy no-man's-land between awesome and ass.
Android Apocalypse
Jute (Scott Bairstow), a disgruntled human soldier displaced by the advancement of androids, is sent to prison for illegally terminating a robot -- and, ironically, soon finds himself depending on a robot for survival. Android soldier Deecee (Joseph Lawrence) is being shipped to the same prison colony, and when their transport ship is suddenly attacked by mutants, Jute and Deecee must work as a team to stay alive.
That's right. It's The Defiant Ones, but with a human and an android. And with mutants instead of state troopers. Or something like that. You've got to wonder about a society that imprisons androids, though...
Devil's Den
Making their way back from Mexico with a precious stock of Spanish fly, Quinn Taylor (Devon Sawa) and his best friend, Nick (Steven Schub), decide to stop off at a gentleman's club to test their product on the female employees, only to discover that the ladies are anything but human. Things go from bad to worse when they realize they're being hunted by a sexy female assassin (Kelly Hu), a Japanese swordsman and the devil himself.
I don't even know where to start. I'll just let the words "sexy female assassin", "Japanese swordsman", and "the devil himself" speak for themselves.

That's right. It's The Defiant Ones, but with a human and an android.

And Joey Lawrence! *Whoa!*
Ah, see, they tricked me with the "Joseph" Lawrence thing. That makes it even *better*!
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