Thursday, February 15, 2007


The Faker News

Look, if you're not going to hire better (and funnier) writers, at least get someone a little more skilled and subtle to work the laugh track levels.

(Update: Allison points out that I didn't actually say what this was. It's Fox News's "answer" to the Daily Show. And now I have.)

I couldn't believe the High School level "Dramatic Interpretation" quality of the "how come you know so much about Barack Obama" question.

Not that it would have made the piece funny, but it would have been better if the woman had said, "In other news...Barack Obama has started BO magazine."

Still not funny, but more narratively sound.
Yeah, that's a pretty cringe-worthy segue, isn't it? (Almost as bad as what can be seen on the *real* local news here in Austin...)
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