Friday, February 23, 2007


2007 Pollie Awards

What are the Pollie Awards, you ask? Well, they're awarded by an outfit called the American Association of Political Consultants.
The Pollie Awards are the national showcase for political and public affairs excellence hosted each year by the AAPC. The focus of the Pollies rotates each year between the political and public affairs fields, with this year's Pollies recognizing achievements in the political field.
What some of you may not know is that my wife, Allison Baker, is not just the "brain" part of MonkeyBrain Books, but also holds down a dayjob in the glamorous world of political media consultancy. The company she works for, Joe Slade White & Co, was up for a number of Pollie Awards this year, and it was announced last night that they won, four times!

Here are the four winning spots, which if I'm not mistaken are all part of their successful campaign in the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial race, in which they got the sitting governor Jennifer Granholm re-elected. Naturally, these focus on Granholm's opponent, Dick Devos, heir of the Amway fortune, proponent of intelligent design, and opponent of reproductive rights and stem cell research. Devos lost big, and these spots were a significant part of that.

JSW and Mercury Group
Gold- "See Dick Run"

Silver - "Lobbyist"

Tied Bronze - "Twins"

Tied Bronze - "Office"

Congrats to Allison.

jeff ford
Thanks, Jeff!
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