Thursday, October 12, 2006


Dramatis Personae

Still getting my ass kicked by this crud, only aggravated by a morning spent mowing the front yard, so didn't do anything today that required much in the way of higher reasoning. Instead, it was more database action. Principally, creating biographical entries for all of the named characters in the Bonaventure-Carmody novels to date (including a few that are so far unpublished). I've still got quite a few more characters yet to go, but here's the list of characters entered so far:

Adda van der Waals Bonaventure
Akilina Mikhailovna Chirikov
Aria Fox
Arthur Taylor
Atalanta Carter
Augustus Quince
Claudia Bonaventure
Constance Adams Taylor
Cornelis van der Waals
Cornelius Bonaventure
Diana Bonaventure Carmody
Galen Quince
Giles Dulac
Guillame Marchand
Guinevere Taylor Finch
Harmony Fox
Hieronymus Bonaventure
Hiram Fox
Hunter Bonaventure
Ingram H. Powell
Jake Carmody
James Fenimore Taylor
Jane Taylor
Jerome Bonaventure
John Bunyan Taylor
Jon Bonaventure Carmody
Joseph Arana
Jules Bonaventure
Jules Dulac
Karl Rasmussen
Lawrence Finch
Lord Arthur Carmody
Lord John Carmody
Melody Fox
Mervyn Fawkes
Miles Wainwright
Nick Taylor
Peter R. Bonaventure
Reginald Taylor
Rene Marchand
Rex Carmody
Richard Taylor
Richmond Taylor
Roland Bonaventure
Roxanne Bonaventure
Sinovia Chirikova
Spencer Finch
Stephen Orien Bonaventure
Sterling Finch
William Blake Taylor

And as much as this list is really of interest only to me, imagine how much more limited interest would be in the detailed family trees I've mapped out for all of these characters. The Taylor and Bonaventure families are mapped out from the seventeenth century to the present, but so far the Carmody and Fox family genealogies only date from the nineteenth century onwards.

I sometimes think there's something seriously wrong with me...

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