Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Wisdom (for the UK only, sadly)

Over on his blog, Paul Cornell has posted news of an interesting offer for readers in the UK. He's made arrangements with Forbidden Planet International to offer discounted subscriptions to his forthcoming Marvel Comics miniseries, Wisdom, as an attempt to reach out to non-comics-readers. I've not seen the comic myself, but with Paul scripting and the talented Trevor Hairsine providing the art, I can't imagine it won't be spectacular. For more info, check out the Wisdom page over at Forbidden Planet International. (The offer is only good for the UK, sadly, so we poor colonials will just have to hie ourselves to the local comic shop.)

That's very kind of you, Chris. I'm in the process of getting a similar offer together for those over there. My editor at Marvel tells me he's not seen this done before, so we might be on to something. Cheers.
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