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Solaris Press Release

My new masters at Solaris have just circulated the following press release, which in addition to saying all sorts of nice things about me, which is always good, includes the first details to be made public about the forthcoming The Dragon's Nine Sons, and a bit about the expanded version of Set the Seas on Fire.


BL Publishing is very excited to announce the purchase of two novels by rising genre star Chris Roberson for its new SOLARIS imprint, which launches in February 2007.


In 1808, while Europe burns and the Napoleonic Wars set the world aflame, the HMS Fortitude patrols the sea lanes of the South Pacific, harrying enemies of the British Crown. The Fortitude’s captain sets his sights on a Spanish galleon weighted down with a fortune in gold and spices, but Lieutenant Hieronymus Bonaventure thinks the prize not worth the risk. The ship is smashed by storms and driven far into unknown seas, the galleon and her treasure lost in the tempest.

Bonaventure and the rest of the Fortitude's crew find themselves aground on an island in uncharted waters. The island is a place of magic and mystery, promising the crew rest and contentment. But beneath the beauty lurks a darker secret: an ancient evil buried at the living heart of a volcano.

Set the Seas on Fire is a historical fantasy, a nautical adventure set during the Napoleonic wars, brimming with all manner of ship-to-ship combat, grapeshot, muskets and sabers. But at its heart it’s really a love story. With zombies.

Set the Seas on Fire is set in the Bonaventure-Carmody sequence of Roberson’s recently acclaimed Paragaea: A Planetary Romance, and will be published simultaneously in both the US and UK by Solaris, in trade paperback, Summer 2007. Ahoy matey!


The Dragon’s Nine Sons is an epic story of war in space and of the people caught in-between when empires clash.

A disgraced naval captain and a commando who knows secrets he should never have learned are picked to lead a suicide mission, piloting a salvaged Mexica spacecraft to Xolotl, the asteroid stronghold of their enemies, armed with enough explosives to reduce the Mexica base to dust. But when they arrive to find dozens of Chinese prisoners destined to be used as human sacrifices, their suicide mission suddenly becomes a terrifying rescue operation.

The Dragon’s Nine Sons is the first novel in The Celestial Empire sequence, an epic, sprawling alternate history sequence in which China rises to world domination in the early days of the 15th century and goes on to conquer the stars.

The Dragon’s Nine Sons will be published by Solaris in 2008.

Consultant Editor George Mann said of the deal “I’m thrilled to be working with Chris; I’ve admired his work for some time now and I truly believe he’s going to be a star. Plus he’s a great guy to hang out with when he’s drunk at conventions.

Chris Roberson’s novels include Here, There & Everywhere, The Voyage of Night Shining White, Paragaea: A Planetary Romance, and the forthcoming Set the Seas on Fire, End of the Century, Iron Jaw & Hummingbird, and The Dragon’s Nine Sons. His short stories have appeared in such magazines as Asimov’s Science Fiction, Postscripts, and Subterranean, and in anthologies such as Live Without a Net, The Many Faces of Van Helsing, FutureShocks, and Forbidden Planets. Along with his business partner and spouse Allison Baker, he is the publisher of MonkeyBrain Books, an independent publishing house specializing in genre fiction and nonfiction genre studies, and he is the editor of the Adventure anthology series. He has been a finalist for the World Fantasy Award three times - once each for writing, publishing, and editing - twice a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and twice for the Sidewise Award for Best Alternate History Short Form (winning in 2004 with his story “O One”). Chris and Allison live in Austin, Texas with their daughter Georgia. Visit him online at

Praise for Chris Roberson

Chris Roberson is one of that bold band of young writers who are taking the stuff of genre fiction and turning it into a whole new literary form - a form for the 21st century. A talented storyteller, he has a unique ear, a clever eye, an eloquence all too rare in modern fiction.
- Michael Moorcock

“Roberson is another author to watch.”
- Charles De Lint

“Chris Roberson is obviously an author to watch.”
- John Grant

“With all of these recommendations that people should watch me, I get the feeling I can’t be trusted...”
- Chris Roberson

For more information please contact BL Publishing on:

or call George Mann on ++44 (0)115 - 900 4172

w00t! Congrats!
Congratulations. The praise is much deserved. I noted that the e-mail Solaris sent out about the deal was headlined: 'Solaris Buy Chris Roberson'.
Whoo-hoo! You go, Chris!
Congrats! I'll be buying.
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