Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Les Muppets

(via) How did I miss this news last week? TF1, a French broadcast outfit, is doing a new Muppet Show.
"The channel has commissioned 10 episodes of 'Muppets TV,' a new French-language show featuring the original Muppet characters, licensed from Disney, with new storylines and guest stars from the world of French showbiz."
How about that? I have to imagine that this will be an entirely Gallic production, sharing no connection with any earlier Muppets incarnation beyond the characters' names and images (and possibly the physical puppets themselves, though TF1 could just as likely have commissioned their own puppets to be built).
I'll admit that I'm not familiar with the work of any French puppeteers that I know of, but I'd be curious to see an episode and see how they pull it off. Hopefully someone in France is willing to do a bit of piracy and get these things available as torrents, once they're broadcast.

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