Friday, September 01, 2006


Comic Tales with Alan Moore

I stumbled upon this a couple of weeks back, but have only now had a chance to start watching them. Not sure the provenance of these, but someone has posted to YouTube a ten part video series (each segment between one and a few minutes long) of Alan Moore discussing the history of Northampton, magic, creativity, and his other usual topics. I'm halfway through and enjoying it (though, admittedly, I've heard Alan discuss most all of it in other interviews, essays, and such).

BTW, so far as I know the "JLRoberson" responsible for creating the YouTube playlist is no relation. Well, I'm sure they're related to someone, but just not me...

Spung! I know the provenance. This was broadcast on UK's Channel Four about four/five years ago, probably around the time the film of 'From Hell' came out. It was put out at around 1am Friday/Saturday as part of "4Later", a C4 initiative to sneak intelligent programming out when no one was looking.

('Babylon 5' got the same treatment, once C4 realised it was a) successful and b) reasonably complex. As long as they thought it was just a Trek clone they had previously been happy to stick the first season out at Sunday lunchtimes in the coveted Irwin Allen slot. C'est la vie.)

"The Other Side", which you see briefly in the first segment, was the title of the magazine programme this was a part of.

And there you have it.
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