Tuesday, September 05, 2006


BSG Webisodes

See, this is why there's an internet. Both so that something like web-only short episodes of Battlestar Galactica can exist, and so that good folks like John Joseph Adams can spread the news. And they're airing right now on SCIFI.com!


Bingo! Chris is right on the money here - this is exactly the sort of thing the Internet is good for: easy distribution of short blips of media (anyone recall "The Spirit of Christmas" or watched a YouTube video lately? :P).

Good to whet our appetites for more BSG! (Let's just hope they also wind up on one of the DVD collections sometime.)

First webisode is 4 mins long and deals with the resistance movement among the captives on new Caprica.

Go see! (Another new webisode Thursday.)

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