Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Look, Up in the Sky!

Last night, Allison and I watched the surprisingly good A&E documentary, Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman. Aside from paving over any references to Siegel & Shuster's long-running legal battles with DC (and ommitting any reference to comics-only continuity changes, like Byrne's reboot), the show managed to touch on virtually every important highnote in the history of the character in print, radio, televison, and film, with interviews with comics pros like Mike Carlin, Mark Waid, Paul Levitz, Gerard Jones, and Elliot S! Maggin, as well as commentary from the likes of Mark Hammill, Bill Mumy, and Gene Simmons (!) and no fewer than four, count them four Lois Lanes. I would have preferred at least a brief interview with Paul Dini and/or Bruce Timm in the mix, but that was really my only quibble. Running a solid two hours, at least with commercials, the documentary will shortly be available on DVD, but it looks like A&E will be rerunning it a few times in the coming weeks, so warm up your Tivos.

From what I understand, the DVD is supposed to have an additional hour not shown on A&E. Sounds very tempting. Very tempting indeed.
Yeah, once you realize they were focusing on Superman in the media, it was good.

It was also nice to see writers like Mark Waid, Denny O'Neill and Elliot S! Maggin on the show, too.

It showed Superpup for Pete's sake!
Well hell, Jayme, if I'd known that I'd probably have waited for the DVD. I may add it to my Netflix queue and see for myself.
Oh, I know, Robb, wasn't that awesome? I'd seen stills from that turkey for years, but never seen any of the footage before now. I think the only thing they left out was the second Superboy in the Salkind syndicated series, but really, who can blame them?
second Superboy in the Salkind syndicated series, but really, who can blame them?

Certainly not me when my only real memory of that show is when wrestler Lex Luger showed up as some sort of "replacement" Superboy.

BTW, absolutely loved Paragaea and I'll be posting my review in a couple of days.
Awesome! I look forward to seeing what you thought of it.
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