Friday, June 02, 2006


Human-Bacteria Hybrid

Aside from the ick factor involved in the statement "Gill and his team sequenced the DNA in feces donated by three adults," this is fascinating stuff. It's been known for ages that intestinal flora was a key component of the human digestive system, and any woman who's ended up with a yeast infection after taking antibiotics knows that bacteria in the body can serve all sorts of useful purposes, but this may be the first time I've seen someone suggest that our bodies might be more bacteria than human.

Perhaps bacteria encouraged the development of multi-cellular organisms back in the dawn times, just to have a safe and controlled environment, and a set of limbs to carry them around. Actually, on reflection, that's not a million miles from the conceit of a story of mine that's due to be published sooner or later (which I won't identify, so as not to spoil the ending).

That is totally freaking cool. Thanks for the link!
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