Friday, April 14, 2006


Yesterday, una novela pop

The Spanish edition of Here, There & Everywhere, published by Solaris Ficcion under the title Yesterday, is due out in May 06. I think.

What appears the publisher's press release can be found on here, but as my Spanish fu extends little farther than "Two more beers, please," "I would like twenty-four doughnuts," and "Where is the restroom?" I'm having to accept Google's translation on the matter.

The book appears to be available from an online seller, who has this to say about me: "Chris Roberson ha irrumpido con fuerza en el panorama literario anglosajon," which according to Google means that I have "burst in with force into the Anglo-Saxon literary panorama." How about that? I've been working for years to burst in with force into a literary panorama, and it takes a Spanish bookseller to tell me I've succeeded.

I'll tell you :) The book is not on sale now, it'll be released on May.

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