Friday, April 21, 2006


X-Men: The Return

Last month I mentioned that I'd been commissioned to write a franchise novel, but couldn't yet say what the project or property was. Well, this week the signed contracts went off in the mail, so I suppose it's official. Due out in May '07 from Pocket Books, X-Men: The Return features the classic lineup of mutants circa 1986, and involves one of my favorite dangling plot threads, Bermuda Island. There's loads of the 'splode, an invading alien armada, Lee Forrester, Alysande Stuart, and lots and lots of Sentinels.

This week I got word that the book's cover will be illustrated by the incomparable John Picacio. The X-Men will never have looked so good.

You lucky bastard, I'd give my left nut to write in the X-men universe. Particularly, I'd kill to write anything with Wolverine.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.
I'm extraordinarily lucky (and the book definitely features Wolverine, no doubt). This is a childhood ambition fulfilled. And I got to keep both of my nuts!
Hey, that's great! Congrats Chris!
My hearty congrats to you, Chris! As long as we all understand that I have dibs on writing Dr. Strange from now into perpetuity, no kneecaps will have to get broken.

Picacio on a Pocket Books cover? Please tell me they're not confining his genius to mass market paperback size...
Rock freaking on! Excellent.

Now tell me you'll be including the Coffee-a-Go-Go and Bernard the Poet.

Ah, David, if only the fate of Strange were up to me... But I promise, if some calamity overturns the natural order tomorrow, apes become our masters, and I find myself in possession of the relevant corporate trademarks, the job is yours.

But yeah, it's a mmpb. Don't worry, though, Picacio will still rock the house, even at the smaller trim size.
Jess, before this moment I hadn't planned on including them, no, but now that you bring it up, I plan to move heaven and earth to squeeze them in. (Who knows, maybe I can even sneak in a Paste Pot Pete reference for you, somewhere in there...)
FYI, Dr. Strange makes an appearance in Jim Butcher's forthcoming Spider-Man novel, THE DARKEST HOURS. Due out in July. :)
That is *so* cool! Congratulations! I'd give a left nut to do something like that if I had nuts.
Great stuff. And I can't wait to see that cover.
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