Friday, April 14, 2006


Our Mutant Overlords?

I'll be damned. In 1953, Mechanix Illustrated ran an article entitled "How Nuclear Radiation Can Change Our Race", with illustrations by Kurt Schaffengeger.

Take a look at the opening spread:

I couldn't help but find that familiar. Now, check this out, and see if you don't, too:

That's a page from Uncanny X-Men #14, published in November 1965. The story, scripted by Stan Lee with art by Jack Kirby, introduced the Sentinels, designed by scientist Boliver Trask as an answer to the mounting "Mutant Menace."

I'm guessing that Kirby, at least, and likely Lee as well, had a copy of the December 1953 Mechanix Illustrated pretty close at hand while working on that story. Our mutant overlords in both pieces appear to have used the same tailor, wouldn't you say?

I like the way the Mechanix Illustrated piece labels the two scenarios as "Foe" and "Friend." Just in case you weren't sure which was which.
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