Monday, March 13, 2006


The Things I Worry About

Yesterday, Georgia and I were lazing in the living room before her nap, channel surfing, when we chanced upon an old episode of The Munsters. We only watched a few minutes before it was time to bustle her off to bed, but the brief exchanges between Herman, Lily, and Grandpa got me thinking. If Grandpa is Lily's dad, then why would his last name be "Munster"?

This plagued me the whole afternoon, as Allison and I attacked the mountain of leaves that's accumulated in the backyard over the winter. At one point, the leafblower momentary silenced, I asked Allison what she thought. She gave me one of her long-suffering looks, behind which I knew she was wondering just why she'd ever thought it was a good idea to marry me.

Today, I thought about it, on and off, and the only conclusion I could come to was that Munster wasn't Grandpa's last name. He either had another last name, or was only ever referred to as "Grandpa."

Why I didn't Google the answer yesterday on the laptop, while sitting on the couch, I'll never know. Tonight it took me all of forty-five seconds to determine that the character's actual name was Count Vladimir Dracula, but that he's identified only by his nickname "Grandpa" in the credits.

I honestly believe that if I could take all of the time I've wasted in my life worrying about things like this (and don't even get me started about my theories on the complicated genealogy of the Dukes of Hazard County), I might have actually accomplished something substantial by now. As it is, I've got a head full of useless trivia, and a very, very patient wife.

The Granpa Munster thing is all explained in my MONSTAAH Wold Newton timeline.

It is still possible for Grandpa to be Lily's father and have the last name Munster. Herman and Lily could have come from two different branches of the Munster family; like Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
See, Chuck, I should have known to go to you first!
Yeah, DJBlindman, I considered that. I mentioned to my wife that I once had housemates that were an unmarried couple, but who just happened to have the same last name. I thought for months they were just screwing with me...

That's the kind of thing that works in reality, though, but which is almost impossible to accept in fiction. (He says, about the show featuring Frankenstein's Monster married to Dracula's Daughter...)
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