Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Space Colony Artwork 1970

Googling for [SPOILER REDACTED] I stumbled upon this little gem (man, is just full of great stuff!): Space Colony Artwork 1970

I must have burned holes in my retinas as a kid, poring over these illustrations in books on space that I found in the library. I hadn't remembered them until the very instant I clicked on this, at which point I felt like I'd been there before.

Last month I freaked out a bit when I picked up a copy of Frederick I. Ordway III's Visions of Spaceflight, and saw all those great images that Chesley Bonestell and Fred Freeman had done for the Collier's articles Wernher von Braun wrote in the early 50's; but those were things I only wished I'd seen as a kid. This stuff is part of my childhood.

Wow! Flashback city! I, too, remember seeing many of those images as a kid, although I can't recall the context. I do actually have some photo prints of some of them in my posession to this day. Let's see... the Bernal Spheres for sure. Coolness.
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