Tuesday, February 28, 2006


infinity plus Robersonfest

Keith Brooke, the mind behind infinity plus, as well as author of Genetopia, has been kind enough to arrange for a full press Robersonfest on infinity plus this month.

First up are two bits of free story:
In addition to the fiction, there are three bits of related nonfiction.
That's more me than anyone could possible be expected to take. I've Keith to thank for this, so, Thanks Keith!


Someone uses the word "office" as a verb?

Jesus. What did I do with my cat-o-nine-tails?
Jess, you clearly have been too sheltered, at least in this regard, by the halls of academe. Using "office" as a verb was one of the least of the grammatical atrocities with which I was abused daily in the years I worked in corporate America.
Jesus. At least here in the ivory tower we only misuse specialized jargon.
You're most welcome, Chris. And thanks again to you and Michael C.

Incidentally, I've just read your story in the latest Postscripts - a cracking piece of storytelling! My review will be up at infinity plus at some stage.
Thanks, Keith, glad you liked it!
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