Friday, February 17, 2006



I just realized that today mark's the first anniversary of the Interminable Ramble. I've been blithering away about any old nonsense that pops into my head for a full year. If my rough recollections are correct, in that time I've written the lion's share of two novels, sold another, wrote a half dozen short stories and sold nearly all of them, garnered two award nominations and lost both, traveled to seven cities in three countries, edited an anthology, published an encyclopedia, read far too many superhero comics, watched endless hours of television, and come as near to financial ruin and I'd ever like to come, thank you very much. It was the sort of year where I couldn't see any forest for all these damned trees in the way, but now that I'm (almost) out of the woods, I'm starting to get a bit more perspective. Yeah, there might have been a forest back there a ways, now that I come to think of it. How about that?

Happy Anniversary!!
Thanks, Mahesh!
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