Thursday, January 19, 2006


"Zero Jeden"

I've just received my contributor copies of the issue of Nowa Fantastyka in which another translation of "O One" appears ("Numer 9" if you're keeping track at home). My Polish is as rusty as my Russian, I'm afraid, but as near as I can tell I share a ToC with Lavie Tidhar (who I met at WorldCon in Glasgow) and a host of Polish writers with whom I'm not familiar.

Like the translations in Esli and Robot, this one is accompanied by illustrations. It's interesting to see how the same story is interpreted through so many different cultural lenses. Lots of similarities, but lots of noticeable differences, too.

The translator appears to have missed a pun, though, reading the title as "0 [Zero] One," and not just the letter "O." But I suppose the play on "O" as a greeting of respect as well as a stand-in for zero might only work in English (though the Russian translation seems to have approximated it well enough).

In addition to the fiction and a short comic in the middle, there's an article on television SF (or "seriali sf"), and I can't help but think that some of these shows sound quite a bit more exotic in Polish than they do in English. "Z Archiwum X" instead of "X Files"? "Planeta Malp" for "Planet of the Apes"? But I'm not sure if the Warrior Princess is helped or hindered to be known in Poland as "Xena - Wojownicza Ksiezniczka."

Hey, I just got mine as well. How cool.
Maybe catching up with mailings was someone's new years resolution, eh?
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