Friday, January 27, 2006


Year's Best Science Fiction

Today's mail brought good news: a contract for the inclusion of "Gold Mountain" in Gardner Dozois's The Year's Best Science Fiction, 23rd Annual Collection. That is awesome. I've been using Dozois's collections as a Baedecker to the best stuff in science fiction since, well, forever. I was in middle school when the first volume came out, for Christ's sake. To have a story of mine included in that legacy is, well, just fucking kick ass. There's no better way to say it.

Fucking kick ass indeed. You go!
Awesome - congrats! I'm just about to read it (I'm a Postscripts subscriber, but only just getting round to it...)
Also have Adventure Vol 1 on my to-be-read-soon pile (which is shockingly large) and finally took Here, There and Everywhere off it recently and loved it :)
Come to think of it, I just got Futureshocks too - jeez, you're everywhere!

I have to confess that your alternate-China stories are my favourites (the Asimov's one was superb), so I'm looking forward to "Gold Mountain", and the novella from PS later this year! Hope you get to do a big fix-up of this milieu soon (but I guess it all has to be written and stuff first, like...)

OK, end fan-ism.
rock on!
Thanks, Raven. I hope you like it. In fact, the novel of which "Gold Mountain" is a part (along with "O One," "Red Hands, Black Hands," and "The Voyage of Night Shining White") is called Fire Star: A Novel of the Celestial Empire, and it's complete and in the hands of my agent, who's currently shopping it around. So you'll be able to see it all, sooner or later.
And thanks, Tobias, Win, and Jess. It was my first bit of good news in a while, and a welcome one.
Very cool. I'm gonna have to have you sign my copy! :-)
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