Thursday, January 05, 2006



Tobias calls, I answer. Seems the latest meme to work its way around the writing blogosphere is for writers to post images of their workspaces. It beats actually working, so I figured what the hell?

My office:

My desk (complete with the ever-present glass of iced tea, and my current reading):

My working shelves (includes all the To Read, Just Read, and Should Read titles):

My comics files (most of them, at least; the rest are upstairs):

And, finally, my reading chair:

And that's it. The dark little hole where I spend most of my waking hours (at least those not spent in the living room with my daughter). Okay, back to work!

I see on your bookshelf, you have a copy of that Coyote Kings book. What'd you think of it? I didn't like it much myself (, but everyone else seemed to.
Everything on that shelf is in the "To Read" category, actually, so I'm completely opinion-free on the subject (I got the book in the freebie bag at WFC, along with everything under it in the stack). Top shelf is "Have Read" and the shelf inbetween is a mix of "Have Read," "To Read," and "Started Reading and Gave Up On Page 125." I'll refrain from identifying which is which. (Oh, and The Hollow Earth, by Rudy Rucker, is in a category of it's own: To Publish.)
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