Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Living on Mars

Finally had a chance to watch the second episode of Life on Mars last night, and the show continues to prove very excellent. I think I've worked out just what the story is really about, and where's it's all heading (show wacky imagery once, it's just wacky imagery; show it twice, and you're hanging a gun on the wall that's going to be fired sooner or later...). But really, they had me at hello. Even without the "is-it-or-isn't-it-time-travel" maguffin, which is pretty well put to bed in this second installment, the show is a must see for the collision between Modern Cop and Vintage Issue. The best illustration of what the show's all about is an interrogation sequence. Modern Cop sits down first, and starts arranging his pens, pencils, and steno pad on the table in front of him, all neat and orderly, to set the mood for the interrogation. Vintage Issue then slams down one disposable cigarette lighter, another disposable cigarette lighter, and a pack of cigarettes, and is ready to get down to business. I think you have to be a smoker, or a former smoker at least, to get the beauty of that bit. You see, you need two lighters just in case the first one stops working, because there's nothing worse than a cigarette you can't light. And, of course, in Vintage Land, everybody smokes. All unspoken, all understated, all brilliant.

Well worth watching, if you're in the UK, or have an eye to internet piracy in the rest of the world.

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