Friday, January 06, 2006


Is Texas Heading for the Middle Ages?

(Via Jayme Lynn Blaschke) One step forward, one step back. A judge in Pennsylvania rejections Intelligent Design as inappropriate to add to a science curriculum, while Kansas slips into benighted medieval bullshit teaching millennia old mythology as "science." So which way will Texas go? Our Governor, Rick Perry, apparently wants to head the way of the middle ages. There are some sane voices in the chorus here, fortunately, including Tincy Miller of Dallas, chairwoman of the State Board of Education. But for every one of her, there's a Rashad Jafer, a Democratic gubernatorial hopeful from Houston, who thinks his belief in a creator means that he should check rationality at the door.

Gubernatorial hopeful, musician, and mystery novelist Kinky Friedman had this to say of teaching intelligent design in science: "I'm agin it; there's nothing intelligent about it." Right on, Kinky.

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