Friday, January 27, 2006


Good News, Everybody!

Apparently it's official. Four feature-length direct-to-DVD Futurama movies are in the works. Sweet Zombie Christ!

That's freakin' sweet! I've always said that Futurama was the best realized, most complete science fictional world I've ever seen.

John Klima
No doubt, John. I picked up the DVD sets as soon as they came out in the UK (I had a region free player, and couldn't wait a year or two for the US releases), and watching them all back to back I was amazed how well it hung together as a complete story. When you get to the fourth season, and it's revealed that Fry's brain waves differ from the norm because he's his own grandfather, and that as a result the Nibblonians have maneuvered him as their secret weapon in their aeons-long struggle against the brains... I mean, that's the culmination of a story arc lasting for four years that nobody even realized was happening!

Add to that the fact that there were so many actual PhDs writing for the show, who worked out a completely internally consistent future world (there is no FTL in Futurama; in the future they've just changed the speed of light!).
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