Monday, January 09, 2006


Concatenation's Top SF Books of 2005

Well, how about that? The good folks at, a UK-based website of science fiction and science fact, have included Here, There & Everywhere on their list of the Top SF Books of 2005. Also included on the list are Dan Simmons, Alastair Reynolds, Robert Charles Wilson, Richard Morgan, and Ken MacLeod. That's a staggering list of talent in which to be included, and I'm immensely flattered. Really. I'm gobsmacked.

About the novel, they had these kind things to say:

"A delightful waltz around time that brings together many interpretations of SF's time travel trope. Though intelligently written it is an easy adventure read for teenagers and with many nods to SF, history and, of course, Beatles music, to add depth for older readers."

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