Monday, January 16, 2006


Cedar Fever

Brain not working, wishing for rain, suffering through the worst of the Austin-area seaonal allergies. Feel like I've got a wicked flu, but without the fever and the comfort of knowing I could get better. I've got to wait until the male cedar pollen is out of the air, or a big enough rain washes it away, but considering it hasn't rained an appreciable amount in weeks, if not months, the odds are long.

I'll likely not be coherent for a while longer yet. My apologies in advance.

Oh, the cedar! You have my sympathies, so much. That's one thing I do not miss about Texas and New Mexico.
Thanks, Deanna. We got about four hundreths of an inch of rain on Monday, the first since the end of fall, and we saw measurable improvement in our allergies. Now we're pulling for a real downpour, to get us back in the pink.
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